Meet CLAIRE - Artificial Intelligence 

Firm handshakes, eye contact, and properly manicured appearances are all subjective qualities or traits we associate with trust and reliability. But, not everyone is universally sound. Certn uses CLAIRE to go beyond face value to develop the most comprehensive applicant profiles. Our profiles are used for credit adjudication, tenant screening, insurance quotes and more.

use certn to


Acquire More Data

Reduce risk of damage and default

Create effective loyalty incentive programs

Predict defaults and vacancies

Improve retention


Approve More Applicants

Increase approvals NOT defaults

Derisk underbanked and thin filed applicants

Create a new standard; compliant with FCRA, PIPEDA & Fair Housing Regulations

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Improve Efficiency

Centralize decision making

Automate the application process

Make real-time risk and marketing decisions

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Certn is the new standard in risk management for property managers & credit issuers.

Applicant screening processes have not historically leveraged available data or artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively predict behavioural outcomes. With Certn, you can evaluate several dimensions, over millions of data points to effectively determine the credibility of people. 

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our services include

Social Profiling
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Social Scans
See all available public social profiles, e-mail addresses, mailing information, social media profiles and known alias'.
Public Information
Get access to all risk relevant public information and adverse media from over 100,000 sources world wide.


Criminal & Court Data & Monitoring
Access to all available public civil and criminal cases including warrants from 240 countries in 77 languages. Get updates as they happen, even after approval.
Behavioural Profiling
CLAIRE, Certn’s Artificial Intelligence, predicts behaviours with in-depth character mapping and consumer insights from thousands of datapoints without prejudice.
Psychometric Test
Effectively evaluate willingness to pay, stability, financial decision making and cleanliness like never before.


Financial Profiling
Bank Account Aggregation & Monitoring
Account balances, spending habits, and account verification for pre-authorized debits.
Credit Reports
Get a full credit report generated by the Credit Bureau’s via Certn. 
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Employment & Income Verification
3rd party verification of applicant's employment and income through voice, online and/or database verification. 
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Click to apply for an account or talk to your account representative about how Certn can integrate our tenant screening solution with your website, ILS or property management software. 

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Tenants Apply Online

Go beyond the Credit Bureau. Easily customize Certn to meet your needs. Securely collect applicant rental history, employment and financial information to verify identity, income, and employment. 

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Select the Most Valuable Applicants 

Gain access to your applicants’ social and behavioural scores, get in depth insights on your tenants' credibility and avoid applicants with a history of missing rent payments.


We guarantee the quality of the applicants we recommend. If we recommend an applicant and they don’t work out, let us know and we’ll refund the cost. 

Pricing that makes sense!

Credit reports and traditional credit scores can be costly and have an impact on your applicant's credit score. Certn's pricing allows for unlimited pre-sceens without heavy per-transaction costs and with no impact on the applicant's credit. Once the applicant has been pre-screened you're a click away from a full credit score and in depth Certn Report. Sign up today to get started with a member of our team!